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Learn e-mail marketing with mailerbob

Learn how to create your own e-mail marketing campaigns, how to optimize results and work with e-marketing software.
Get tips and tricks directly from mailerbob to run professional campaigns.

E-Mail marketing basics. A solid foundation.

Learn about the basic structure of e-mail campaigns and how to use e-mail marketing software like mailchimp. How to create and import lists of e-mails, how to create an e-mail newsletter and what to look for when reading reports.

Create successful campaigns. Professional e-mail marketing

Dive deeper and understand advanced techniques like A/B split testing, segmentation, mobile responsive e-mail and how you can apply them to your campaigns.

Tips, tricks and tools. Deliverability and more.

Learn about tips, tricks and tools we use on a daily basis.
Understand deliverability - the art of getting e-mails into the inbox. See how to avoid spam filters and what dedicated IPs are. After taking this class you will understand how to solve deliverability issues.

Take the e-mail marketing with mailerbob class and

  • Learn the latest techniques in professional e-mail marketing.

  • Get life time access to course materials.

  • Receive your money back if you are not 100% satisfied.

  • Get your questions answered quickly if you didn't understand something or wanted to dive deeper into an issue.

  • Learn techniques that add real value to your business.

Learn all about e-mail marketing with mailerbob!